About Us

  • TKCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We do not have any political or religious affiliations.
  • Our Board of Directors, our Council, includes members of the community from diverse backgrounds.
  • We are active in the Kurdish community, which numbers well over 10,000, and is an integral part of the greater Nashville community.
  • While we concentrate our efforts on the Kurdish community, our programs are open to anyone else wishing to participate.


The Kurds & Kurdistan

Kurds-the people of Kurdistan, ancient Mesopotamia, are among the most ancient people of the world.  Over time, these early people formed what would become Kurdish culture, making profound contributions to civilization as we know it, including organization of communities, domestication of grains and farm animals, written language, pottery, metallurgy, and trade.

Despite their early success, however, the more recent history of the Kurds is one of plight and tragedy.  After the rise and fall of many empires, over a period of several millennia, the Kurds have been the victims of numerous genocidal campaigns.  The post-WWI map of the world forever changed the destiny of the Kurds, as a line of demarcation forced onto them would shatter their nation to its very core.  Today, the Kurds number approximately 40 million and their land is divided amongst the states of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria. The repressive, and often genocidal, policies of these states have forced many Kurds from their homeland.  Having fled for their lives, these Kurds would come to form the Kurdish diaspora, resettling in small communities in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Our Community

In the United States, several of these communities have come to be formed, most notably in Nashville, TN.  The music city’s reputation for hospitality and the welcoming hearts of its citizens have allowed a people fleeing for their lives to coalesce into a thriving community. The thriving economy, and the natural beauty of the South, has attracted many Kurds, with estimates numbering over 15,000.  Indeed, it has become the largest community of its kind, affectionately becoming known as Little Kurdistan to many.

As an integral part of a very diverse Nashville community, the Kurds of Nashville have a deep-rooted connection to the city.  Many have called Nashville home for over four decades, with first wave arriving in the 1970s, after the collapse a Kurdish uprising in Iraq.  Countless others arrived after the first Gulf War as refugees.  Recently, yet even more have fled Iraq after the War in Iraq.

In general, the Kurds have upheld their responsibility as productive citizens, working hard to contribute to the greater success of Nashville and the surrounding areas.  Among its members are numerous professionals, including doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and nurses to mention a few.  Using the newfound opportunity afforded by living in the United States, they have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, as the bakeries, restaurants, shops, and auto businesses which add to the burgeoning economy of Nashville prove.

Our Organization

As a dynamic community, like any other group of people, Nashville’s Kurdish community faces many challenges. These range from teaching English to those which have recently immigrated, to ensuring that the youth of the community do not fall victim to the many urban issues we face as a city.  The Tennessee Kurdish Community Council (TKCC) was formed to respond to these challenges, especially those specific to our community.